IAB Europe: Virtual Programmatic Day – The Post-Cookie Era Panel Wrap-Up

IX Open. Rosewood. London. 10/6/19

IAB Europe’s Virtual Programmatic Day took place on 28th April and with 1,500+ attendees it is one of the largest virtual events in our industry. Featuring speakers from IAB Europe member companies CNN, Bloomberg Media, BBC Global News, Double Verify, IAS, OMD, MediaCom, Google and OpenX, the event was split into panel sessions to address and debate the industries hottest topics from post-cookie to programmatic in-housing.

The Post-Cookie Era Panel
The first panel of the event addressed one of the most fundamental technology advances our industry has seen in many years, the announcement that third-party cookies were to be depleted. This session explored how prepared the industry is for the demise of third-party cookies, the opportunities and challenges, whether it will still be possible to deliver targeted advertising, impacts on measurement, attribution and frequency capping and key actions the industry needs to take.

Tanzil Bukhari, Managing Director EMEA, DoubleVerify moderated the panel and was joined by:

  • Daniel Knapp, Chief Economist, IAB Europe
  • Sara Vincent, Senior Director, Strategic Partner Development, Index Exchange
  • Mathieu Roche, Co-founder & CEO, ID5
  • Ben Hancock, Global Head of Programmatic Trading, CNN International
  • Richard Sharp, Senior Director, Oracle Data Cloud
  • Sharon Marshall, Director EMEA Partnerships Solutions – Data Trust, Google

Event Recording
Watch the event recording here.

Audience Polls
We ran a couple of audience polls during the panel to ask how stakeholders expect the depletion of the third-party cookie to impact programmatic trading levels and whether consumers will benefit. Two-thirds of the audience (69%) expect some or a large decrease in programmatic trading whilst nearly half (47%) are not sure if consumers will notice any difference after the depletion.

Audience Q&A
The panel garnered great levels of engagement from the audience with more questions than they had time to answer! The panellists have provided their viewpoints on some of those questions here:

Q. Are end-users taken into account? Or are we, the industry, thinking of the next best thing in our own interest?

Tanzil Bukhari: This is a fast-moving industry – both in terms of technology, and in terms of how consumers interact with content. Privacy and respect are necessary for sustainability. It’s not about the next best thing – it is about understanding the value exchange, and supporting a free, ad-supported Internet.

Sara Vincent: The first question any player in the industry should be asking themselves is, ‘What would be the best possible experience for the user?’ If your focus is on the user and what they actually want — as ours is — solutions built around deterministic, first-party data will likely become the clearest path forward. Whichever direction or form this ultimately takes, though, the proposition needs to have user trust and privacy at its core.

Q. How do you convey the value exchange to users?

Sara Vincent: Publishers have a challenging task on their hands to not only identify what the value exchange is for their users but how to maintain it. The good news is that users are still dedicated to consuming content that matters (perhaps now more than ever) and we’re confident that users will continue to put trust in the digital publications and brands who bring them value. It’s not about ‘conveying’ the value exchange, per se, it’s about delivering the content users are after in a trusted environment. Our role is to ensure that publishers are able to maintain addressable media and focus not on the technology (that’s our remit), but on the value exchange, enabling them to continue maintaining users’ trust.

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