Huffington Post: (VIDEO) Header Bidding Moves To Server In AppNexus, Index Exchange Partnership

Drew Bradstock

HOLLYWOOD BEACH, FL  — An expanded partnership between programmatic ad-tech firm AppNexus and exchange Index Exchange is one of the moves already changing the nature of ad trading’s so-called “header bidding” technique.

The pair announced they have worked to produce tight technical integrations for server-to-server header bidding.

Header bidding“ is a technique that has only recently grown up, in which publishers place code on a web page that plugs in multiple ad demand sources simultaneously, allowing them to get the best inventory price in one go, rather than approach demand sources in a sequential, “waterfall” approach.

But this means more processing is typically done on the client-side, in consumers’ web browser or app.

Speaking with Beet.TV in this video interview, Index Exchange product SVP Drew Bradstock explains times are already changing.

“Header bidding has helped publishers make more money – but it’s also putting more and more code on to the page,” Bradstock says. “On mobile … you don’t want all that extra code.

“Publishers are now considering the trade-off between latency, user experience and revenue.”

“Server-to-server takes all that work that used to be done on the browser – instead of doing it on the client-side, it pulls it back on to Index Exchange’s infrastructure. It takes the onus off the user.”

AppNexus and Index Exchange already had their own server-side header bidding offerings, and already had a partnership on conventional header bidding. The extended integration works with existing header bidding wrapper software, but the pair say the latest version is more like real-time bidding, with auctions taking place on their servers as opposed to in the publisher customer’s header.

You can find this post on Beet.TV.

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