ExchangeWire: Understanding Identity and Targeting in a Post-Cookie World: IAB UK

IX Open. Rosewood. London. 10/6/19

When Google announced earlier this year that it would be phasing out the use of third-party cookies in Chrome within two years – following similar moves by Mozilla’s Firefox and Apple’s Safari – it heralded in a new era of digital advertising.

There are of course challenges to navigate; marketers who rely on the use of third-party cookies in order to create personalised and targeted ads will have to reconsider the fundamentals of their audience strategies.

However, the industry now has a unique opportunity to embrace a better web and redraw the digital ad ecosystem around user experience. We spoke to IAB UK’s Display & Data Steering Group to find out their thoughts on what’s next and how we can collectively create new User ID solutions that work for all parties.

How will the role of identity evolve as we approach the end of the third-party cookie era?

“Though potentially challenging in the short-term, we feel the ‘end of the cookie era’ will mark a positive shift for our industry – moving us towards a more people-based, deterministic model – and identity will play a key role in that. Without the crutch of cookies, we trust industry players will work more collaboratively and effectively to champion identity-based solutions and frameworks, making our progression to a people-based model more seamless.”

Sara Vincent, senior director, strategic partner development, Index Exchange 

With a resurgence in alternative targeting solutions, how can we best use this shift in the digital landscape to our advantage?

“There’s no singular solution that will work for all parties – no one-size-fits-all approach – but if your focus is on the user and their experience (as it should be), then solutions built around deterministic, first-party data become the clearest path forward. If we work together to build solutions that are people-based, we’ll have access to greater opportunities for addressability and the capacity to scale, thus allowing us to move through multiple touchpoints on the user’s journey and maintain personalised advertising without having to rely on cookies.”

Sara Vincent, senior director, strategic partner development, Index Exchange

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