ExchangeWire: Transparency & Trust: The Future of Programmatic Buying

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Transparency and trust are not new topics of conversation in the world of programmatic advertising. However, 2020 has seen these issues return to the fore as question marks were raised over whether the industry is doing enough to provide security and clarity across the supply chain.

IAB Europe spoke to IAB UK’s Display & Data Steering Group to hear their thoughts on where we are currently, and what more needs to be done to improve accountability and increase transparency throughout the digital supply chain.

Looking to the future, what more can be done to create a sustainable and transparent ecosystem for display advertising?

Transparency, accountability, and trust are key ingredients for the continued growth of our ecosystem. With these priorities in mind, now is the time to establish mutual accountability for each actor in the digital advertising ecosystem. Innovations and improvements like log-level data (e.g. Index’s Client Audit Logs) are a step in the right direction. Such advancements provide a receipt for each transaction conducted on an exchange, allowing publishers and buyers to audit spend more closely, thus boosting trust and autonomy on both sides of the supply chain. If we continue to hold each other accountable for our actions, we can continue to propel one another forward and create an ecosystem that’s truly rooted in trust.

Sara Vincent, senior director, strategic partner development, Index Exchange

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