Adweek: The Trade Desk and Index Exchange Boast Match Rates of 99 Percent

Image of Andrew Casale and Jeff Green on stage

Two months after the full roll-out of its Unified ID Solution, The Trade Desk is boasting match rates of up to 99 percent along with early trial partner Index Exchange as independent ad tech seeks to offer scaled targeting alternatives to the industry’s walled gardens.

The digital advertising industry is dominated by walled gardens, which are often criticized for their lack of transparency in terms of spend. But in recent years, independent players have sought to offer their own “neutral” alternatives that can help buyers.

The latest high-profile example has been an offering from The Trade Desk, whose market cap has soared as high as $6.5 billion this year, which publicly unveiled its Unified ID Solution in the early part of Q4 alongside a host of participating partners. This means the demand-side platform is now offering its extensive global cookie footprint at no cost to the wider digital advertising industry as a means of helping to improve audience matching.

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