Tour IX’s Amsterdam & Frankfurt Data Centers

Image of people at the IX Data Centre

As an engineering-first company, we take security very seriously. Since knowing where our technology lives is just as important as the tech our engineers build, we invited a small group of our European partners to step inside two of our data centers to experience our tech like never before.

Step inside our Amsterdam data center, where we house approximately 650 servers.

Hear from a few of our partners who toured our Frankfurt data center, a vital component of our larger server system.

While IX has 11 data centers worldwide, we hosted partners in Frankfurt, Germany and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Here are a few points from the tours and presentations that highlight why using our own secure data centers truly matters:

  • Efficiency Matters: IX uses the best-in-class tech partners to ensure we’re directing requests with the highest possible speed and lowest latency. One of our data center partners, Equinix, keeps power, cooling and security as top priorities.
  • Foolproof Tech: We have never had a major failure in the data center, and our servers are replaced every 1.5 years. Our platform is built around an architecture that uses redundancy and graceful degradation to achieve a high level of fault tolerance. From the beginning, the platform was architected to scale horizontally and handle failovers gracefully. This was best demonstrated during the tour by unplugging live servers at random, something our SVP of Engineering felt very comfortable with.
  • All in the Numbers: These two data centers are components of our larger server network that processes over 50 billion requests daily creating over 600 billion auction submissions per day across 8 secure locations worldwide.
  • It’s All In-House: All of our systems run on our own hardware in our own data centers and all development and testing is done in-house. This gives us complete control over our operations, data and intellectual properly, while improving security, performance and our ability to address problems more quickly.
  • Security as a Priority: We’re committed to protecting the privacy and data of our clients. These data center tours helped build this trust with our partners by showing exactly what happens behind-the-scenes.

Learn more from our IT, Operations and Engineering teams, as well as the customers that spent the day with us exploring how IX is safeguarding our customers’ data by tuning into the above videos.

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