Mayuran Yogarajah

Distinguished Engineer

As IX’s first Distinguished Engineer, Mayuran plays a key role in pioneering IX Labs, a division launched in 2019 that drives the creation of emerging technologies and innovative business lines, while exploring new avenues and broadening the long-term vision of our company. Mayuran has been with Index Exchange and its predecessor, Casale Media, since its founding and has played an integral role in the development of Index’s tech output while also leading the growth and evolution of the software, people and teams that are now the foundation of the exchange.

As Index’s second employee and longest-standing Engineer, Mayuran has been responsible for driving the overall technical direction for Index Exchange and ensuring the company’s growing engineering teams remain lean and agile. Since his time at with the company, Mayuran expanded Index’s engineering team from its inception to an organization of over 170.

Mayuran attended the University of Toronto.