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Success Stories: Apartment Therapy

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How IX Helped Apartment Therapy Boost Advertising Spend

Over the last month, we’ve collectively observed the ripple effects of the changes in our digital advertising ecosystem. As we begin to adjust to the new normal, we recognise it’s more important than ever to arm publishers with every tool available to capture existing and future budgets. In this spirit, we recently introduced a new, publisher-controlled feature called Post-Auction Discounts. The tool gives publisher sales teams the ability to offer unique private marketplace discounts to select buyers in order to drive more total advertising spend.

Like many publishers in today’s climate, Apartment Therapy, (a lifestyle publishing company focused on the home), is constantly looking for innovative ways to appeal to today’s buyers and boost ad spend.

By using Post-Auction Discounts, Apartment Therapy was able to provide an incentive to buyers and increase ad spend by 1011%.

Image of Apartment Therapy Case Study
Image of Apartment Therapy Case Study

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