ExchangeWire: The State of Play in APAC: Q&A with Janette Higginson, Index Exchange

Janette Higginson sitting on a panel at an event

In this exclusive and wide-ranging interview with ExchangeWire, Janette Higginson (pictured below), buyer development director at Index Exchange, discusses a wide variety of industry topics focusing on APAC, ranging from the popularity of private marketplaces to the sell-side’s role in combating ad fraud.

Why are private marketplaces so successful in APAC compared to other regions? Do you see their popularity being maintained in the coming year, or will alternative buying methods such as header bidding gain more of a foothold in the market?

We are seeing great success, not with just private marketplaces, but with very strategically and custom-built buying structures designed to connect the buy and sell-sides at scale. It’s important to really listen to the needs of buyers and then bring those opportunities back to sellers. For example, our team hears a lot of buy-side requests for greater consolidation, intricacy and rate control, as well as increased reporting transparency. Matched with zero buy-side fees, the systems and PMPs we’ve created are designed to provide exactly that, and they’re proving to be extremely supportive to all of our buy-side partners.

In terms of header bidding, these structures are not mutually exclusive. Many custom marketplaces — Index’s included — are built on header bidding technology, providing buyers with the curation they require at scale.

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