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Setting Up Encrypted Prices In DFP

Why encrypted price points?

We are embarking on an overhaul of how we currently communicate to DFP. Previously, we were passing a key-value pair that with an explicit minimum price level that we had to offer for an impression (e.g. _100 for a minimum $1.00 bid). We are now driving an initiative to strictly pass encrypted price levels (e.g. passing a hash of _1a1a1a1a instead of _100).

Our objective is to protect sensitive pricing information regarding publisher’s inventory. Due to the nature of header-tag integrations, price information is passed on the page, creating an opportunity for competitive players to crawl your properties to collect pricing intelligence. Encrypting these prices will safeguard your inventory from this risk, and we strongly believe that this is going to be an industry standard for header-tag integrations.

Key-value Targets

We use key-values targets to target the open market for key IOM (letter IOM) and private market for key IPM.

DoubleClick for Publishers Screenshot
DoubleClick for Publishers

Line Item set up

We require a single order with an initial set of line items grouped by related ad units. Once we sign off on the web integration tests these line items can be cloned with shared creative into more granular price points. If you can assign Index access to the order in DFP someone from our side can do the price level cloning setup. DFP access can be sent to dfp_service_provider@indexexchange.com.

Dimension Key-values  
  Key Value (IndexSlot_EncryptedPrice)
300×250 IOM 1_1a1a1a1a
728×90 IOM 2_1a1a1a1a
300×600 IOM 3_1a1a1a1a
Screenshot of key values
Screenshot of key values


Below is an example of how to render a returned open market leaderboard line items by configuring the ad creative in DFP. The only customization required is index_slot which corresponds to the Index Slot in the table above.

Screenshot of Render Creative
Screenshot of Render Creative

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