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Overheard at IAB ALM

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Last week was a big week for Index Exchange as we had the opportunity to meet with many of our partners at the IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting in Hollywood, FL. We had a number of engaging discussions, did a lot of listening, and had an opportunity to share that Appnexus and IX will have mutual support for server-side header bidding solutions.

With 2017 off to a fast and furious start, we wanted to take a moment to share a few key takeaways and themes from our conversations with industry insiders.

From our Business Development team:

“2017 seems to be a make or break year for ad tech companies. There was a very positive outlook for adtech as a whole though. Transparency was the word of the week – buy side fees are no longer being swept under the rug and it was a huge topic of discussion.”

– Erika Longoria, Director, Business Development

“Conversations were focused on driving value and performance for buying partners. Many of them are intent on testing and optimising to build the most efficient supply channels in 2017.”

– Mark Bielicky, Director, Business Development

From our Client Services team:

“I noticed a trend of folks moving away from direct sales and a greater shift towards programmatic. After meeting with a top content discovery platform, they mentioned they have zero direct sales, everything is programmatic. This echoes what a popular social content platform is doing as well. There’s also a huge appetite for premium in-app inventory!”

– Melissa Gallo, Senior Director, Client Services

From our Publisher Development team:

“Consolidation and choice are two themes that we will see play out this year. Exchanges are being forced to adapt their approach, and business models, to survive in a world of unified, fair competition. The new world is one of choice, a world fueled by partnerships between solutions providers that is evening the scales to put more control back into publishers hands.”

Zach Rosen, VP, Publisher Development

From our Product team:

“Publishers are feeling like they are in control again. They want to be drivers of what is happening and after tasting control won’t go back to being told by SSPs and partners what to do.  The increased transparency and real time competition of the header has also laid bare the real yield and performance of exchanges competing with each other.  Both buyers and publishers strongly felt that this is going to lead to a thinning of DSPs and SSPs with many companies not going to be around for IAB ALM 2018.”

“Video is ripe to be better monetised as pubs realise so many of their current partners are old school ad networks in disguise and pubs will demand more competition through every channel, rather than being locked into exclusive contracts.”

– Drew Bradstock, SVP, Product

We look forward to catching up with our UK partners at the IAB Data & Innovation Conference in March, and we’ll share those learnings shortly thereafter.

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