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A Look Back at IX Open UK

Image of clients networking at IX Open

As we welcome the endless (albeit roasting) summer days — a month and a half out from our first-ever IX Open UK — now felt like the perfect time to reflect on the event. Hosted this June at London’s Rosewood hotel, we gathered with some of our closest partners and clients for a day filled with insightful fireside chats, product announcements, and productive discussions about the future of our industry. Here’s a look at four, key themes that are still top-of-mind in July… 

Image of Andrew Casale on stage presenting at IX Open
Image of Andrew Casale on stage presenting at IX Open

Trust is our most powerful resource.

As Andrew Casale, our President and CEO, highlighted in his IX Open keynote, “Digital consumer trust is on the decline​. This represents a problem for the way we do things​, but I do believe it also represents an opportunity​ for our industry as a whole.”

Too frequently, we discuss our industry’s challenges and opportunities as separate entities; in actuality, they’re two sides of the same coin. Consumer trust is a perfect example. Though trust in digital advertising may be declining on a larger scale, we — as tech partners — have the capacity to build solutions that can restore this trust. And that’s exactly what Index’s product teams have aimed to do (more on that below).

Innovation is key.

In the spirit of building and innovation, we also introduced Adaptive Timeout to the UK last month — a new feature available to our publishers that brings machine learning to header bidding.

As our Vice President Product, Library, Gabriel DeWitt, told Adweek, “Incorporating machine learning into header bidding is a natural evolution of the product line, and Adaptive Timeout is the first of many innovations we’ll be enhancing with this technology. We’re happy we can bring this level of sophistication to our publisher partners, as they’ve been looking to leverage automation instead of internal tech resources to optimize their configurations.” 

By measuring device and network conditions, the Adaptive Timeout feature leverages machine learning via an algorithm that determines a custom, intelligent timeout for each individual user on each individual page view. Further, by adaptively modifying timeouts, the feature ensures the maximum number of bids make it to the publisher, thereby increasing revenue, while improving user experience in each unique condition

Image of Gabriel DeWitt presenting on stage at IX Open
Image of Gabriel DeWitt presenting on stage at IX Open

The feature is designed to boost publishers’ revenue while improving user experience. It has already increased revenue on average by 25 percent, proving that innovation is the key to delivering greater results to our clients and users.

We must continue to adapt and evolve.

In addition to the newly debuted Adaptive Timeout feature, our existing products are also continuing to adapt and evolve.

To that end, our IX Wrapper is entering its next phase of evolution, now designed to bring even greater clarity and control to our partners. Having evolved from a platform product into a full-blown ecosystem, the Wrapper has officially rebranded to the IX Library — an announcement we made at IX Open and are thrilled to be watching take effect.

Specifically, the IX Library is comprised of three separate elements: the Identity Library, the Wrapper Library and the Custom Library.

  • Identity Library – The Identity Library packages up Real-Time Identity (RTI) adapters in a simple installation, designed to operate seamlessly with a publisher’s header bidding set-up, agnostic to solutions already in place on the page.
  • Wrapper Library – The managed service accesses IX’s team of experts to maximise header bidding configurations and is complemented by a fully functional user interface. It includes all adapters including IX RTI Adapters, and it automatically connects with Google Ad Manager (GAM).
  • Custom Library – Custom Library is IX’s most versatile product, which allows publishers the ability to integrate RTI Adapters and Bidding Adapters within their own solutions on each page.

Digital advertising is inching closer to democratisation.

Image of clients at IX Open
Image of clients at IX Open

As noted above, the Identity Library can now bring RTI adapters to any and every publishers’ set-up, which is a huge step forward. But this isn’t the be-all-end-all of our Identity offering. We’re crafting an extended suite of products to help boost both publishers’ and buyers’ opportunities to utilise Identity-based solutions across the trusted web — one which will soon be more available and accessible than it’s ever been in the UK. 

Cumulatively, these efforts are bringing us closer to a democratised digital ecosystem than ever before. We understand our industry’s landscape is sometimes marked by more doom, gloom and opacity than we’d like, but by and large, we’re confident that the coming year will be one of the greatest ad tech has seen. And, just as Andrew noted at IX Open, we can’t wait to work with our partners and clients to bring this positive change to life.

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