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Leading The Adoption of sellers.json & SupplyChain for a More Open and Accountable Ecosystem

Index Exchange is proud to share we’re one of the first major exchanges to implement the IAB Tech Lab’s specifications for sellers.json and the SupplyChain object. This means DSPs will now find a SupplyChain object in every bid request we send them. As a result, buyers can now understand each hop a bid request takes in between themselves and the publisher, enabling them to make better buying decisions.

For those not familiar with these industry initiatives, here’s a quick recap:

  • SupplyChain, or Schain, is a new object passed in the ext object of ad requests. Each party who touches the ad request adds a node to the chain. By the time it reaches a DSP, the buyer can see a complete list of each participant in the impression’s sale.
  • sellers.json is a file stored at indexexchange.com/sellers.json which lists all of the sellers we work with. Buyers cache our sellers.json file in order to interpret the schain objects in our bid requests.

We believe these are essential technologies because they add new levels of accountability to the supply chain, enable a deeper understanding of the supply ecosystem, and ultimately empower buyers to make smarter bidding decisions. However, this won’t happen unless there’s a high rate of adoption throughout the industry. This is why we will be working with our handful of server-to-server partners to help them adopt SupplyChain and sellers.json as well, to drive support throughout our partner ecosystem.

“Marketers require trust from the programmatic supply chain, and sellers.json and SupplyChain object will provide transparency that buyers need in order to purchase legitimate inventory with confidence. Adoption of these specs will be vital in stamping out fraud and advancing the role of programmatic across the ecosystem.”

– Dennis Buchheim, Executive Vice President, IAB Tech Lab

Global adoption of sellers.json and SupplyChain will achieve better outcomes for buyers by creating an auditable chain of relationships between buyers and publishers. We are looking forward to working with all of our partners to power a healthier, more accountable industry.

For more information, feel free to reference our Bid Request API documentation on the SupplyChain object and check out indexexchange.com/sellers.json for our sellers.json file. Please contact your IX representative with any questions.

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