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IX Library™ for Instream Video – A Multi-Channel Header Bidding Solution

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Index Exchange operates a video exchange allowing publishers access to a large, programmatic marketplace. In fact, we’ve already seen one trillion video ad requests come through our exchange this year. We believe as the need for video continues to advance, we should also help meet these needs with industry-leading header bidding technology. We are now excited to expand In-Stream Video in our IX LibraryTM.

Recent statistics prove that video inventory is extremely valuable:

  • Every second, a million minutes (17,000 hours) of video content will cross global IP networks by 2021, according to Cisco (Forbes).
  • eMarketer reports that video is fueling growth in digital ad spend, forecasted to climb more than 23% in 2019, reaching over $1.4 billion
  • They also report that programmatic spend makes up 81.2% of total video ad spend ($29.24B) in 2019 (including spend within walled gardens)

But there are still key challenges that publishers face with video, namely:

  • Fragmentation of the Video Ecosystem The technology needs to support and interact with a publisher’s video player whilst adhering to IAB standards for video ad serving. Furthermore, their video supply should have access to all the technological benefits of other formats such as header bidding.
  • Lack of Access to Quality Demand Partners – Again, a publisher’s video inventory is typically its most valuable. This inventory, therefore, requires the largest pool of quality advertisers to increase competition and maximise CPMs for the publisher.
  • Differentiation Difficulty Among Industry Solutions – The market perception is that exchanges and SSPs with video support offer the same basic solutions for video monetisation. Publishers are therefore challenged to find the right, innovative solution that meets their business needs whilst maximising revenue.

As we work to solve these challenges, Index Exchange is proud to announce support for In-Stream Video within the IX Library. The IX Library offers a multichannel solution for video header bidding covering desktop and mobile web environments. This capability meets a publisher’s video and display ad tech needs, whilst incorporating innovative technology, including adaptive machine learning capabilities as well as people-based buying. By working with the IX Library, publishers can:

  • Leverage a Proven, Multi-Channel Partner – The IX Library is a market-leading header bidding solution. It offers publishers advanced features to maximise their revenue, whilst giving them the right granular insights to make solid business decisions. It fully supports In-Stream Video header bidding technology, allowing publishers to maximise multi-channel revenue. 
  • Partner with a Market Disruptor and Innovator — The IX Library offers innovative solutions that improve a publisher’s video revenue. It leverages adaptive machine learning to optimise video bid participation and enriches video bid requests with data to allow for people-based buying, which means better audience reach for advertisers and a CPM increase for publishers.
  • Access the Largest, Independent Marketplace and New Revenue Opportunities — The IX Library includes Real Time Identity Adapters, which enriches the publisher’s bid requests with encrypted audience data, enabling a people-based buying experience. It also includes Display Bidding Adapters, giving publishers access to the largest pool of quality demand partners in an independent exchange.

As announced at Cannes, Index Exchange has partnered with Target’s Roundel to boost brands’ access to quality inventory across formats. Roundel represents more than 1,000 partners, and the partnership with Index Exchange is their first-ever in the programmatic space. Today, we’re also announcing we have support for Roundel’s video adapter. 

Stay tuned for more announcements around our video capabilities in the coming months. 

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