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IX at DMEXCO: Day 2 Insights

Dmexco meeting room

Minds continue to meet and ideas continue to flow as tentpole adtech conference DMEXCO advances into its second day. Amidst the flurry of activity, we wanted to reflect with the Index Exchange partners and employees in attendance about their Day 2 experience. Here are their insights:

Will Doherty, VP, Business Development, Index Exchange

On the topics on DMEXCO attendees’ minds: “It was great to see the amount of traction that Identity is getting today. The industry is actively moving forward with this and other initiatives at an unparalleled pace. With Ads.txt, buyers are determined to start using the tool in bidding right away and expressed a strong desire to see even more adoption from publishers.”

“There were also many conversations about the desire for ever-greater transparency in auction dynamics. My takeaway was that intrinsically, no one has a problem with the shifting mechanics, but they have to be transparent and they have to be understood. SPO was obviously at the top of minds as well, with savvy buyers beginning to consolidate spend by excluding SSPs that don’t meet their transparency and quality requirements.”

Alex Gardner, SVP, Partner Development, Index Exchange

On GDPR discussions at DMEXCO: “One of the big themes of conversation this year has of course been GDPR. Conversations unsurprisingly have been more of a sense check than an action plan, however. Publishers wanted to check in and see what our POV was, how we were approaching it, and wanting to know where they stood relative to everyone else. A unique facet of these conversations has been a complete lack of agenda or competition. GDPR is a great equalizer since there are implications for everyone. It’s a time when our partners need a consultant, and we’re happy to be that sounding board for them ”

Simon Cox, Senior Producer, One Rise East

Since our DMEXCO booth design this year got a ton of compliments (were even featured as a booth with “extra personality” by e-Marketing France!), we asked our creative agency their tips on building a special space:

“You should have a clear theme from the get-go and an understanding of the function of the space. For instance, with Index, which is an established brand, it was to host high-level clients in meetings. But, for others who were building their name, it would be more of open space.”

“I’ve noticed that the booths this year seem to be less diverse in style, but more mature. It feels like the booths have adapted to the more established feel of the DMEXCO conference.”

Maria Martinez Diaz, Director, Business Development, White Ops

On how DMEXCO’s changed over the years: “The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that the conference has tripled in size! It was two halls just four years ago, and today it’s grown to five halls. It’s also grown from a mostly German audience to a much more international conference. Also, fewer tchotchkes, I miss the tchotchkes!”

On ad fraud discussions at DMEXCO: “One thing I’ve noticed from my conversations is that people are talking about viewability less versus the beginning of the year; it’s much more focused ad fraud. We had an opportunity to discuss a lot of the popular topics, though, like Ads.txt, Identity and GDPR, since ad fraud really touches all of them. For instance, with Identity, step one is to verify it’s a human, step two is to match what we know about the user. And, with Ads.txt, our CTO actually helped develop that, and it’s fundamentally aligned with our mission, which is to prevent people from profiting from fraud.”

Mike O’Sullivan, Senior Director, Product Management, Index Exchange

On DMEXCO conversations: “This year, it felt like there were less talk and more movement across the board. We discussed fewer topics with our partners but went into much more detail. With identity, many people were working to figure out their strategy, and there was a big sense that people were finally willing to look beyond their individual concerns towards the broader group benefit. The vast majority of growth right now (some estimates say all) is being captured within those walled gardens, and banding together on initiatives like Identity is necessary to secure the future of independent publisher and buyers.”

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