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IX at DMEXCO: Day 1 Insights

Each year, global media leaders convene in Cologne, Germany for DMEXCO, an adtech tentpole conference that is quickly becoming more essential each year. At the event, attendees present best industry practices, network among global colleagues and consider approaches to propel their industry forward.

This year, Index Exchange has increased its presence on the ground significantly compared to 2016. Our booth has doubled in size to be able to accommodate more guests in our meeting suites; we have a live content studio (IX on Air) where we are hosting open conversations between industry experts on how to move the industry forward; we are hosting presentations each day on topics like SPO and Header Bidding; and we have invited colleagues to join us for happy hour each day to continue conversations from earlier meetings. Our CEO, Andrew, will also be main stage this afternoon speaking on a panel entitled “The Digital Advertising Supply Chain Revolution” (check it out! 15:40 Dmexco Debate Hall).

Below is Thursday’s programming schedule at the Index Exchange booth – be sure to stop by Hall 8, Aisle A #60 for some engaging conversations with our team!  

  • 12:00: Header Bidding for Buyers: How the Market has Evolved and Strategies for Success
  • 14:00: Introduction to Supply Path Optimization
  • 16:30: Survey Says: Test Your Market Knowledge of Top Trends in Advertising Automation

Finally, with all of this exciting activity occurring around us, we wanted to take the time to reflect with partners and employees on the ground about their Day 1 experience. Here are their insights:

Dave Smith, VP, Monetization and Yield, Pandora

When comparing this year to DMEXCO last year: “I think, as an industry, we’re starting to think beyond how the pipes work and are thinking more about how to use the pipes to create better outcomes for advertisers. We’re also taking a necessary closer look at how we measure ad effectiveness and how that can be measured cross-device at an individual level.”

Paul Gubbins, Independent Adtech Consultant

On overall trends of DMEXCO this year: “The luxury of time has passed, and both the buy side and sell side are focusing on the reality of what can be successfully executed today.”

On adtech consolidation: “Take rates and a focus on tangible uplift will both be huge drivers.”

Natasha Landers, Director, Compliance, Index Exchange

On the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): “I had the opportunity to speak to many industry professionals about GDPR. The IAB EU I think was very optimistic about getting everything in place in time. I got the sense however that many publishers and buyers were concerned about the ambiguity that still existed. There was a sense of hurry up and wait, as interested parties were anxiously awaiting further clarity and guidance from EPR, which should be revealed in the second half of Q4. Hopefully, we should all have clear next steps to act on soon.”

Katie Lee Pollack, Director, Content Marketing, Index Exchange

On DMEXCO trends this year: “Throughout the first day, we interviewed a variety of partners in the IX Content Studio on the most pressing issues facing our industry. It was clear that GDPR was top of mind for nearly everyone. Despite the recent spate of press coverage, action towards implementation has been slow. It seemed, however, that DMEXCO would act as a catalyst for spurring action on the initiative in the coming quarter.”

“People were also comparing DMEXCO to Cannes and it felt like there was a clear shift towards embracing content and substantial meetings over networking and happy hours. It felt like there was a strong desire for everyone to justify their presence here. It’s been a very productive event.”

Marissa Maguire, Director, Events & Sponsorships, Index Exchange

On adtech industry consolidation: “There seemed to be a subtle shift this year. It was more traffic than we’ve ever seen, but it wasn’t for casual conversation – people were on a mission. From a space perspective, the behemoth’s stages stayed large, but I did notice less small booths, and those that stuck around year over year had larger, more elaborate spaces. I don’t know if that’s reflective of DMEXCO or industry consolidation overall.”

On meetings at DMEXCO: “We trialled a new system that worked well for a busy conference like DMEXCO. We had so many great meetings lined up this year, but still wanted to ensure our team could still spend time meeting new people and our partners who were not able to book ahead. So we had the members of our leadership team free up time during happy hour so we could invite those groups to join them in the fun communal environment. It’s been a great conference hack!”


We are looking forward to an exciting Day 2 in Cologne!

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