ExchangeWire: Fundamental Shifts in Programmatic: Q&A with Luke Fenney, Index Exchange

In this exclusive interview, Luke Fenney (pictured below), vice president, publisher sales, international, Index Exchange, speaks with ExchangeWire on the future of the programmatic industry, and what the various underlying fluctuations affecting the sector mean for all players involved. Which channels are set to benefit most strongly from prioritisation of data-driven thinking? How can these be ...continue reading

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Digiday: ‘A system that is out of alignment’: Online ad industry faces its identity crisis at IAB’s annual meeting

Currently, the industry lacks a consensus alternative to the third-party cookie. Google has said that it will work with industry representatives to develop an alternative to the third-party cookie before its browser changes take effect in two years. Meanwhile, companies like LiveRamp and BritePool have developed their own identifiers. And more players likely to enter ...continue reading