AdZine: Index Exchange Interview with Luke Fenney

Luke Fenney Headshot

Index Exchange sees itself as one of the pioneers of header bidding. Well positioned internationally, the Ad Exchange is also trying to make good on the German market. ADZINE spoke to Luke Fenney, VP of EMEA Publisher Development, about Index Exchange’s goals in the German market, the challenges in the mobile in-app business, and the move to first-price auction.

ADZINE : The German market already has some strong key players in the area of ​​programmatic ad marketing with Yieldlab, AppNexus and Google. How do you want to gain a foothold in this market with your company?

Luke Fenney : We believe that increased competition leads to better results for media companies and facilitates access to advertising inventory for marketing companies. With the advent of header bidding, there are now even more ways to boost competition.
As an independent Ad Exchange, we’re all about providing publishers with the most efficient technology. We do not pursue any further business interests. We are independent because it enables us to make decisions about the long-term benefits of clients rather than the short-term wishes of investors.

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