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How Header Tag Has Grown

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When I joined Index Exchange in July, I had no idea WTF a header tag was and how it related to a programmatic auction. However, the internal enthusiasm for this thing instantly struck me. Given the internal excitement and point of view that running an auction through a header tag could very well alter programmatic forever, I knew it was something that the research department needed to dig into. Thus, Index Exchange’s first research piece focused on header tag-run auctions.

With that project we sought to test three hypotheses: 1) Header auctions increase publisher yield, 2) Brands can better execute their audience procurement strategies in header auctions, and 3) User experience improves when publishers sell programmatic ads in header auctions.

We found that header run auctions:

  • Increase publisher yield. When publishers represent a full spectrum of inventory to every buyer, more bid density is injected into the publisher’s ad stack…

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