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Google Display Network Expands Remarketing Reach with Index Exchange

Yesterday, Google announced a number of ad and analytics product developments to help enable advertising in a “mobile-first world”.  Among the developments, the company noted a material innovation to its programmatic marketplace: remarketers buying through the Google Display Network (GDN) will now have access to inventory from other exchanges.

We’re happy to share that Index Exchange is one of the sources of inventory that GDN buyers can now remarket through. Here we’ll explain why this partnership is important, how it will work, and what it means.

Remarketing is one of the earliest programmatic tactics used by advertisers and remains heavily leveraged to this day. It involves adding a tag to your website or app to identify visitors to your website and re-engage them with ads on different sites across the web. Though advertisers have long enjoyed comfortable performance from remarketing campaigns, the fragmentation of digital audiences and the explosion of time spent on mobile devices have made it trickier for them to find their audiences and re-engage effectively. Google’s announcement yesterday will help make this a lot easier

How It Will Work

First, let’s say a user visits a site that sells shoes and hones in on a particular pair. The shoe advertiser has remarketing tags on the site that allow her to collect cookie IDs from users that visit her webpage and add them to a retargeting list. The advertiser waits for this user to visit a site with which she has the connectivity to programmatically buy ad space so that she can re-reach this user with an ad.

What It Means

Google’s extension of remarketing to other exchanges means that advertisers will have a better shot at running high-performing remarketing campaigns. With connectivity to additional exchanges, advertisers have more opportunities to reach the users they are interested in. It’s good news for publishers too: Index Exchange publishers that weren’t hooked up to GDN remarketing buyers now are, which means they’ll inevitably capture more programmatic demand, and thus, revenue.

It’s also a positive announcement for the programmatic community at large – as the pipes between programmatic entities strengthen, it becomes simpler for advertisers to reach audiences using technology and data. This will lead to increased budgets, creates more time for the important conversations, and builds a stronger, pure marketplace full of choice and opportunity.

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