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Building the Future of Automated Advertising

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Over the past year, ad tech has made headway in its endeavour to automate the advertising business. Index Exchange is committed to building the future of this industry to put more control into the hands of publishers as automation takes hold. That’s why we’ve recently invested in the expansion of our physical infrastructure across our nine data centres to add more physical power behind the transactions that take place across our platform every day. Infrastructure has always been a core competency of our business because it allows for autonomy while providing more efficiency for our partners. We believe infrastructure is the backbone for continued innovation and improvement.

Take a look at the positive changes our partners have witnessed over the past year and the tools they’re using to invest in the future of automation:

Greta Lawn, Vice President, Data and Programmatic Solutions, Hearst

We strategically work with multiple buyers so that they can truly optimise their buys in real time. Allowing flexibility to adjust their ad placements and drive more reach and frequency so every incremental ad unit can be effective. We have seen success in the ability to accurately monitor pricing and inventory across multiple screens with transparency. The ability to offer high impact inventory at a much more granular basis so buyers can take full advantage of high bid rate and high win rate has also been superior. The human technological services and resources from the Index team and development of new transactional processes are epic when handling the complexity of doing all of this at scale in our premium marketplace.

Rich Caccappolo, Global COO, MailOnline

We have seen header bidding develop as a tool to execute deals beyond the open market, allowing new ways to transact across synced ads, video and automated guaranteed. Video header bidding in particular has been a real success for us: we have been able to capture significant programmatic video budget at yields equal to or higher than direct rate card. Being able to solve for the access issue within the ad server across programmatic video has greatly benefited our programmatic buyers.

We are also seeing encouraging moves across the industry – from marketer to publisher – to help reduce fraud, increase transparency and remove unwanted behaviour from the supply chain. It’s reassuring to know that tier one exchanges such as Index are actively limiting reselling by rogue intermediaries and ensuring supply quality across numerous indicators. Furthermore, we are looking forward to ads.txt adoption as a way to further reduce fraudulent supply and give our programmatic buyers a clear path to purchase our inventory via authorised channels.

Salim Tarazi, Head of Programmatic & Audience Solutions, eBay

We focus on partnering with companies that provide industry expertise and who have a legacy that inspires confidence and trust. Over the past few years, we’ve built partnerships that span multiple levels in the organisation from executive to product to operations. These tight-nit partnerships are invaluable as we work towards greater monetisation and transparency in the market. In addition, eBay has found that building a solid platform with APIs can enable efficiency and scale.

Jeff MacPherson, Director, Monetisation Platforms & Services, CBC

CBC was an early adopter of header bidding. By implementing this technology, we elevated our programmatic strategy and were able to engage buyers at a new level. We continued down this path by leveraging header bidding for video which allowed us to offer a wealth of premium video inventory without the heavy operational costs of a legacy pass-back model.

Our partnerships rely on innovation, and we align ourselves with those who champion initiatives to progress our industry. TAG and ads.txt are great examples of initiatives that are pushing for a safer and more transparent marketplace. These values are aligned with CBC’s strategy and commitment to buyers. As we look to the future, we’re excited about testing budgeted deals in Canada and exploring the possibilities that in-app header bidding can bring to our offering.

Paul de la Nougerede, Commercial Product Director – Digital, Telegraph Media Group

It has been an exciting twelve months where we have fully embraced header bidding and taken back control of our advertising stack. This has allowed us to ditch the waterfall and create a more efficient stack where we can work with more partners and allow advertisers greater access to our audience and inventory.

Tim Sims, VP Inventory Partnerships, The Trade Desk

Consumers are engaging content on more devices than ever before. Because of this, we’ve seen advertisers become more and more interested in integrating their messaging across the channels and devices that are used throughout the customer’s journey. In order to deliver on this goal, it is imperative for buyers to have access to the most premium publishers across every environment.

These developments prove that our industry is ripe for more innovation, and we’re excited to see the strides our partners will make in the coming year.


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