ExchangeWire: Fraternité is the Main Message of ATS Paris 2019

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On Wednesday 3 April, ExchangeWire presented ATS Paris 2019 in front of some of the finest minds within the French digital advertising industry. Whilst the range of vendors, agencies, and publishers was highly diverse, a few core themes began to make themselves present over the course of the day.

The proposal for a single, or at least a select few, standard(s) for user identification was suggested throughout several of the panels. Whilst this raises obvious questions surrounding privacy, the context of allowing smaller firms to compete against the ‘GAFA’ (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon) platforms is important to consider, whilst also increasing user satisfaction as ads are more likely to reach them as opposed to being lost in a mire of mismatched data.

Another key theme throughout the day was how the industry can manage and use data effectively. Closer relationships between big data firms and publishers, as well as between supply-side and demand-side providers, have been suggested to facilitate efficient use of information whilst also promoting transparency.

Michel Juvillier, CEO of Juvillier Conseil, chaired a panel discussion between Gael Demessant, director of programmatic and yield management at Prisma Media Solutions and Alexis Marcombe, managing director at MEDIA.figaro, about GDPR, appropriate use of big data, and user identification. Demessant and Marcombe proposed a consortium to use a simple measure for user identification. Whilst there is a wide choice of technology to use, a single standard would be challenging to implement, but worthwhile. Co-operation would be required again, as adopting technological standards requires transparency between publishers and SSPs, as well as close integration with GAFA.

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