ExchangeWire: Collaboration is Key to Evolving Programmatic Advertising

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In their latest piece for ExchangeWire, IAB UK speaks to members of its UK Display & Data Steering Group to discuss what the ad tech industry needs to do to tackle ongoing issues and enhance programmatic.

The programmatic industry has revolutionised digital advertising. Since its inception over a decade ago, it has reformulated what’s possible via digital and created huge opportunities for advertisers – allowing them to speak to the right people, in the right place at scale. Yet, along with its rapid growth, programmatic has also faced its fair share of challenges. Now, with increased supply chain transparency high on the agenda and the industry navigating changes to established mobile and web identifiers, the importance of collaboration has never been greater.

We spoke to IAB UK’s Display & Data Steering Group to hear their thoughts on how the industry can work together to drive programmatic progress forward and address current challenges.

Q1: What do you think are the biggest challenges that the programmatic market will face in 2021?

Digital advertising is in the midst of disruption transition. We are rapidly moving from an ecosystem of browser and device identifiers that are universally available, towards a privacy-first world of consent and addressability via authentication. The real challenge for media owners, agencies, and brands will be to prioritise and prepare appropriately for this disruption in a world without third-party cookies. It’s vital they start to shift their attention to authenticated addressability to ensure the open web remains a viable environment for brands to reach consumers.

Luke Fenney, vice president of Publisher Sales, International at Index Exchange

Q2: Why is collaboration important in tackling these issues? And how can we come together in a productive and representative way?

Collaboration is key to finding solutions to the identity challenge. No single company can solve this in isolation. IAB Tech Lab’s Project Rearc is a great example of industry collaboration to drive new technical standards and guidelines for “privacy by default” across addressable advertising and measurement. Similarly, the Global Privacy Working Group brings together 140 companies from around the world to build upon the work done within the GDPR and CCPA working groups. It’s important we have global representation. Whilst the overarching challenge is consistent, the functional and technical specifications of the solutions may vary by market.

Luke Fenney, vice president of Publisher Sales, International at Index Exchange

Q3: With a renewed sense of collective responsibility, and increased scrutiny across the whole supply chain, what do you foresee as the longer-term future of the programmatic industry?

Efficiency is now more important than ever – scale and speed are the key. In programmatic, every millisecond counts! Therefore, participants on both sides of the transaction need to ensure they are working with companies that are driving efficiency innovation – while maintaining quality and privacy standards -as programmatic continues to scale.

That focus on efficiency will enable programmatic trading to drive growth across new formats and environments from connected TV, to digital audio and across the app ecosystem.

Luke Fenney, vice president of Publisher Sales, International at Index Exchange

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