WARC: It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)

Jorg on stage at IX Open Marbella

Maybe it was the blistering sunshine soaking the smart boulevards of Warsaw city centre. Or perhaps it was the sense of positivity permeating the Polish capital, as the country celebrated 30 years since its leaders tore down the Iron Curtain and opened the door to democracy.

Either way, an event that was supposed to see internet advertising’s finest furrow their brows and ponder correctional measures for digital marketing ended up a surprisingly feel-good affair.

Over 600 delegates convened at the cavernous Multikino cinema complex, atop a shiny new shopping mall in Warsaw’s bustling central business district. The city, dotted with high-rise property developments, was a fitting choice for an industry enjoying its own breakneck growth. Yet a quick glance at the opening sessions warned that all is not well with Europe’s digital ad market.

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