Early Results and New Partners for Exchange Fee Reduction (XFR) Incentive Programme

In March, we announced Exchange Fee Reduction (XFR) – an incentive programme for strategic buyers to spend more on publishers through IX in return for lower IX auction fees, ultimately boosting publisher revenue and advertisers’ working media.

We’re excited to share we’ve expanded the programme to a handful of leading buyers. As more buyers participate in the programme, transactional costs are further reduced, and those savings go directly to our publishers’ bottom lines. Even during this challenging economic climate, we’re already seeing substantial results.

How substantial? Current run rate has XFR contributing more than $1,000,000 (£800,100) in additional ad spend to publishers!

We believe every participant on the exchange is owed a receipt for their transactions that clearly discloses our fee. Therefore, the XFR programme is backed by 100% transparency in bids, client audit logs, and custom reports.

For a refresher on how XFR works, you can check out our thoughts on the economics of programmatic here, or reach out to your account representative for more information.

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