Digiday UK: ‘Delicatessen owner, Scout leader, interior designer’: Ad tech execs reveal their Plan Bs

Index Employees riding bikes

Let’s face it: no child harbors life-long dreams of one day breaking into the ad tech sector. It’s a far more serendipitous road than that. For that reason, many ad tech executives nurse a secret dream job, should they ever decide to leave the sector.

We asked a bunch of ad tech executives what they would wish to do should they ever leave ad tech.

The best responses are featured below.

Luke Fenney, vp of publisher sales, international, Index Exchange  I love this industry, but if I had to leave, I’d set up a high-end road cycling hire and tour company — something that would allow me to ride my bike in locations all over the world each day. Think: the Louis Vuitton of biking experiences. Stay tuned!

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