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Debuting the IX Wrapper Ecosystem

Diagram of the wrapper ecosystem

Since the advent of header bidding, Index Exchange has focused a great deal of engineering efforts on creating a Wrapper solution – one that encompasses a variety of other ad tech partners. We believe our publisher clients deserve a diverse selection of ad tech partners to address their equally diverse monetisation and user experience needs.

Today, in dedication to serving publishers and the interconnected system of partners supporting the creation of digital content, we are excited to announce the debut of the Wrapper Ecosystem – a leap forward in accountability through the public availability of unminified source code, a codification of partner conduct, and tools, processes and documentation allowing our peers more democratised access to the platform. The goals of the Wrapper Ecosystem are to:

  1. Illustrate the inner workings of the product, and our ecosystem rules of the road
  2. Formally define operational principles and allow adapter partners accessible insight into their performance
  3. Simplify adapter certification, maintenance, and deployment processes.

Illustrating the Inner Workings of the IX Wrapper

Our Wrapper is a JavaScript framework hosted on a Content Delivery Network and has always been viewable by any interested party. Today, we have gone a step further and published the unminified IX Wrapper Source Code on Github here. Our Wrapper code will continue to be developed by our full-time dedicated Product and Engineering teams, but the public now has easier access to review the code and improve their understanding of the underlying algorithms and implemented functionality.

Defining our Principles

We published a Wrapper Code of Conduct to guide the adapters in building technology aligned with the spirit and requirements of the Wrapper Ecosystem – a fair and robust environment oriented around publishers’ needs.  In addition, to provide our peer’s visibility into their adapters’ performance, we’ve given them Domo reporting access. These reports will help provide additional insights to inform future development and opportunities for innovation. Finally, to support accessibility, we published extensive documentation around the certification process in our Knowledge Base.

Simplifying Certification, Maintenance, and Deployment Processes

The updated partner code repository now allows partner adapters to develop, certify, and maintain adapters at their own pace – independent of IX tech teams. The Adapter Development Suite (ADS) provides QA tools to help our partners test their own code within a production-environment wrapper during development, thus highlighting potential bugs much earlier in the development cycle. We have streamlined all communication with partner adapters via a ticketing system to expedite the development process. Additionally, a new mass release tool allows us to push finalised adapter updates to all eligible publishers in a timely, non-disruptive fashion without requiring publisher work.

We know the success of digital advertising on the open web requires collaboration among technology platforms. The Wrapper Ecosystem is our next big step in supporting the continued growth of this community.

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