Campaign Asia: COVID-19 pressures adtech: Who prevails and who falls prey

Will Doherty on stage

The crisis is adding to existing turmoil in the adtech space, leading to job cuts and talk of consolidation, but also higher interest in effective targeting. Here, APAC leaders discuss the changes, including their take on who will emerge stronger—and who might not make it. Tech suppliers, including adtech companies, are grappling with issues such as extended payment terms and sequential liability risks as brands and agencies review finances in hopes of seeing their way through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those suppliers that do not fall within the ‘core’ adtech supply chain, and those that have weak balance sheets, are already being forced to take drastic cost-cutting measures, with COVID-19 expected to accelerate consolidation.

But at the same time, more money is being invested in digital advertising as a way to reach prospective customers, as mediums such as out-of-home have been effectively turned off. Campaign Asia-Pacific spoke with six industry executives to understand the changes that are taking place in the adtech industry due to the pandemic, and how it will fare in the future.

Our EVP of Global Marketplace Development Will Doherty discusses predictions on the future changes to the ad tech ecosystem.

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