Ad Age: CES Warriors Share Their Hypes and Gripes About Tech’s Big Show

Birdseye view of buildings

Each year, the conference circuit reboots with the madness that is the Consumer Electronics Show.

Nearly 180,000 brands, vendors, tech enthusiasts and analysts from all corners of the world show up in Las Vegas for the larger-than-life spectacle. It’s here you’ll find underwear that connects to the internet, televisions as thin as credit cards, and vehicles that park and drive themselves. Over-the-top parties, such as the one MediaLink hosts each year, are plentiful.

This year, much of the hype will center around the fifth generation of mobile technology, or 5G, which will enable internet speeds 20 or 30 times faster than today’s. It’s being developed with the notion that everything will be connected—from entire cities to the clothes a person wears. For brands, 5G offers access to a slew of data points captured from connected devices. With this tech, augmented reality is expected to reach its true potential—the uptick in internet speeds will allow for the type of experiences typically only found in science fiction.

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