The CES 2018 Insights Report


Insights From the IX Team

After wrapping a successful 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, the IX team shares our takeaways from the world’s leading technology show.

At the beginning of each year, Index Exchange heads to Las Vegas to meet with our valued partners and discuss the pressing issues facing the digital media landscape. The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show proved to be another pivotal week to confirm our roadmap and reaffirm our predictions of seismic change ahead.

We left more confident than ever that the most important theme of 2018 will be identity – and that bringing people-based buying to programmatic is vital. While strategies toward identity depend on the stakeholder, everyone in the media ecosystem should have a vested interest in moving the market into this buying paradigm.

Understanding this universal impact of identity, our partners should be prepared to take advantage of this new mechanism very soon. It’s been the single biggest engineering investment we have made in 2017, and we’re starting to see the fruits of that labor as we kick off 2018.

We’re pleased to also report that transparency continues to capitalize conversation. While Index’s vision is to make things fair and transparent for all – a novel concept that proves to be incredibly disruptive – consolidation in 2018 will further accelerate this industry-wide. As the industry starts to embrace the importance of identity, we’ll see a lot more transparency and trust in our ever-shifting ecosystem. Finally, we look forward to seeing more publishers cross over into the programmatic space – making programmatic omni-present rather than a new concept, which will define the year.

Looking forward to a successful 2018 together,
Your IX Team

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IX executives join the Content Studio live to discuss trends and themes seen on the ground at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show.

  • Live with Andrew Casale, President & CEO of Index Exchange and Kolby Yarnell, VP of Native Advertising and Content Development at AdWeek

  • Live with Alex Gardner, SVP of Publisher Development and Jourdain-Alexander Casale, VP of Strategy at Index Exchange

  • Live with Emily Mourad, VP of Marketing & Communications and Will Doherty, VP of Business Development at Index Exchange