MarTech Insights: AppNexus and Index Exchange Converge on Server-Side Header Bidding Delivery Solutions

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Ad publishers envisaging server-side header bidding can now tap into simpler and more ROI-centric delivery platforms. AppNexus, the global ad tech innovation company, has announced a strategic partnership with premier advertisement marketplace Index Exchange. Then two ad tech behemoths will collaborate on server-to-server header bidding delivery solutions. Ad publishers using AppNexus platform can tag alongside Index Exchange’s server-side solutions.

In May 2016, AppNexus and Index Exchange agreed to partner each other on the use of the header-based wrapper. “We are giving publishers choice, and a flexible, transparent solution,” said Tom Shields, SVP of publisher strategy, AppNexus. The latest ad tech partnership will empower advertisers and publishers to work with AppNexus’ server-to-server solution and prebid.js independently. They can gain unbiased and transparent access to an existing exchange, irrespective of the one supported by their ad servers.

“Server-to-server connections depend on strong infrastructure and transparent reporting practices. Our solution will allow for full transparency into auction dynamics so media companies can decide which partners perform best client-side or server-side and whether mediation is the best fit for them,” stated Drew Bradstock, SVP product, Index Exchange.

Both tracks provide publishers with log-level data and a direct path to demand, so advertisers can optimise campaign spend and publishers can maximise yield. Server-to-server integrations allow publishers to run unified auction across supply-side platforms that serve as the demand source for header bidding on a publisher’s inventory. Publisher’s header inventory auctioned in the technology provider’s server-side platform offers real-time insights on the server-to-server solution.

The partnership simplifies the SSPs, providing better and more advanced hybrid features to accommodate traditional header bidding wrapper with the flexibility to optimise cookie matching. This will allow advertisers to tag their header partners and increase bid compactness through better server management.

Dial Targeting screenshot via AppNexus
Dial Targeting screenshot via AppNexus
Dial Targeting via AppNexus

“A year ago, there wasn’t as much collaboration between the exchanges and wrappers. That’s changed,” said Drew Bradstock. “Publishers are demanding it, and exchanges are getting on board because they realise that for some inventory, it’s server-to-server (platform) or they’re out.”

“We strongly believe that publishers should have unbiased and transparent access to every exchange, not just the one that comes with their ad server,” said Tom Shields, Chief Strategy Officer at AppNexus. “Our server-to-server offering builds on our years of delivering fast, reliable server-side connections to hundreds of industry partners, and just like the open-source prebid.js, allows publishers transparent access to the exchanges that work best for them.”

With the new integration between two ad tech automation technology platforms, publishers can finally leverage advertising automation to maximise ROI from existing ad inventories.

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