App Annie Ad Monetisation MasterClass Recap

Index Exchange on panel of glass

App Annie Ad Monetisation MasterClass Recap

Index Exchange’s Regional Managing Director Adele Wieser and Strategic Partner Development Director Colin Lam,  joined App Annie’s Publisher Monetisation Master class across 2 exciting weeks in September 2020. The series focused on the pressing trends affecting ad monetisation and the publishing industry at large.

Whether you’re a Publisher only beginning your monetisation journey, or have been deeply embedded in the monetisation landscape, this series helps Publishers to refresh their skill sets and evolve their strategies for the future.

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 Session One: Global Perspective on the State of Ad Monetization – Seizing the Programmatic Opportunity

In this session, ad-tech experts from Index Exchange, OpenX, and Xandr discussed new challenges and opportunities that Publishers are faced within the ever-changing programmatic landscape as well as global market uncertainty.


Session Two: Navigating the Header Bidding & Mediation Landscape

Header bidding is a more advanced programmatic bidding technique that has enabled publishers to gain access to more demand sources to compete for a single impression. While this technique has generally been well adopted by web publishers, the implementation on mobile apps is more complex. In this session, Index Exchange, OpenX and PubMatic delve deeper into some of the concepts around header bidding, waterfall, and mediation in both a web and app environment and share some of the best practices on how publishers can make most effective use of the technologies to optimise their business.


Session Three: What is “Identity” in a Cookie-less and IDFA Free World

The evolution of digital privacy has accelerated over the last few years and the digital ecosystem has continued to evolve into a privacy-first model. The eventual removal of 3rd party cookies and the announcement of iOS 14 to limit IDFA tracking are wins for user privacy, but poses significant near term disruptions to the overall ad tech, ad-driven publisher ecosystems, and the open internet in general. In this session, LiveRamp, Index Exchange and Seven West Media discuss the solutions for privacy-based identity solutions now available and how have such solutions been implemented in the market so far.