Announcing Support of Additional Fields for Client Audit Logs

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We are excited to announce support for additional fields available in our Client Audit Logs (CAL).

This past September, we released CAL to General Availability, IX’s log-level data solution to provide a receipt for each transaction conducted through our platform. The launch has streamlined data retrieval to optimise partnerships and standardise reporting efforts.

“We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly in terms of reporting availability, so we love it when an exchange partner releases more granular, transparent reporting with dependable access. There is no doubt in our mind that this equals improved revenue performance for publishers. This is a move that every exchange should make a priority.”
James Curran Co-Founder, CPO of Staq

Over the last few months, we have gathered feedback from our partners on how best to deliver more granular insights via CAL. Our goal is to arm all CAL subscribers with the data needed to make smarter buying and selling decisions with Index Exchange. As a result, we are excited to share additional support for the following fields:

  • a_domain allows publishers and buyers to identify the advertiser domain passed in the bid response. The field will indicate what domain the user will land on once the ad is clicked through on the page.
  • cookie_match_status monitors the correlation between bid responses, impressions won and cookie matches. A match is defined when IX has a buyer-specific ID to pass in the bid request. Publishers can track when an impression was served or bid placed with a cookie match from the DSP. Buyers can monitor this status to determine the percentage of inventory that sees a cookie match and understand the effectiveness of the match from bid response to impression served.
  • bid_stage provides a deeper dive into why a bid was not eligible to participate in the IX auction. Bid_stage empowers buyers to troubleshoot issues at the most granular level and win auctions that otherwise would have been blocked. For instance, if a bid is not eligible due to a block set by the publisher, bid_stage will indicate blocked_by_publisher. (This field is only available in the Bid Events feed)
  • min_bid_to_win indicates the value a DSP would need to have the bid to clear other bids and seller-wide floors in the auction. The field gives DSPs super-granular, bid-level insight into the auction, enabling them to optimise their bidding algorithms to maximise win rate at the most efficient price point. (This field only available in the Bid Events feed)

Starting November 15th, all clients currently using CAL automatically have access to the new fields. As we continue in our commitment to a healthier, more accountable ecosystem we look forward to working together on future features and fields!

If you are interested in learning more about CAL please review the Knowledge Base or reach out to your IX Representative.

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