AdNews Australia: What the advertising industry wants from a return to the office

Adele sitting on a panel

The advertising industry is starting to emerge from months-long lockdowns brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and return, at least partially, to the office.

The new work-from-home lifestyle which began in March forced the business to quickly adapt, finding ways to operate and communicate with teams and clients while isolated in their homes.

Across the industry, many found positives, including the extra time with family, skipping out on the frustrations of public transport, the flexibility around their work hours and the quiet of being away from the office.

But as the novelty of working from home wore off, a common theme has emerged, many are missing their colleagues, or “work family”, as well as the productivity that comes with being part of a team.

In this piece, IX’s APAC RMD Adele Wieser discusses what she misses about the office.

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