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IAB Australia: AdTech Q&A: Identity, third-party cookies and rearchitecting advertising

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Identity and identifiers in Digital Advertising remains very hot topics for our members.

With the usage of third-party cookies for retargeting, cross-site tracking and ad-serving being blocked by all major browsers by 2022, we were keen to review the potential ramifications of these changes with some of our members.

We also discuss whether this challenge for the industry can become an opportunity for us all to significantly improve the way that digital marketing currently functions operationally moving forwards.  We hope you find this useful…

Adele Wieser, Regional Managing Director, APAC, Index Exchange

Do you see the forthcoming changes as a unique opportunity to genuinely start putting the consumer first and establish a more trusted programmatic ecosystem?

Absolutely, the deprecation of the third party cookie has ignited a revolution in digital media. It began as a response to consumer trust and privacy regulations – third-party cookies sometimes led to harmful practices like growth in ad blocking, fingerprinting, and even the occasional bad actor draining battery and device usage, causing user trust in digital to decline rapidly. Nowadays, users aren’t concerned about sharing their data in the open web, they’re concerned about losing control of it.

In response to these concerns, we see the death of the third-party cookie as another step forward in the journey towards rebuilding trust in the open web. From our perspective, we believe accountability is essential to both the growth and sustainability of our industry, and we’ve been crafting people-based marketing solutions with accountability top-of-mind (designed to facilitate a one-to-one relationship between trusted publishers and users).  At the end of the day, any solution we’re building should focus on what’s best for the end-user and for the ecosystem as a whole.

How has Index Exchange been working to enable people-based advertising through common identifiers and reduce any reliance on legacy third-party cookie solutions?

As mentioned, we’ve been working on solutions for the last three years and are focusing our investments on unlocking people-based marketing solutions for the open web with various partners (including LiveRamp). From our perspective,  the key is to collaboratively build people-based solutions and common identifiers with consumer trust at their core, so that the entire ecosystem can benefit. If consumer trust is the foundational framework upon which responsible products are built, people-based identifiers can become the currency of this trust, helping to move from users to publishers and platforms, safely and securely. This is the lens that the entire industry should be looking through to ensure we can move away from our reliance on third-party cookies, and drive more value and addressability into the marketplace.

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