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LiveRamp Australia: AdTech and MarTech: The trends that defined 2019 and those that will shape 2020

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The past year saw us bear witness to an array of major milestones and announcements in the adtech and martech industries, including the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Digital Platforms Inquiry report, the commencement of Open Banking, and Facebook cutting off third-party data access to advertisers. The impact of these announcements percolated through the year and impacted the industry in ways that will continue to be felt in the new decade, locally and globally.

As we begin 2020 we are already seeing huge industry changes, with Google Chrome announcing they will end support for third-party cookies within two years. There are also upcoming changes to local privacy laws on the horizon, including a Federal Government review of The Privacy Act.

To fully take stock of these events and their impact, LiveRamp reached out to its partners to understand the trends that defined 2019, and those that will shape 2020. Here is a summary of the insights offered.

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