ExchangeWire: ADmantX Launches Homepage Intelligent Solution; PubMatic Releases Report on Supply Path Optimisation

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In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the European region – in this edition: ADmantX launches Homepage Intelligent Solution to help boost ad revenue for publishers; PubMatic releases report on supply path optimisation; Programmatic Guaranteed: Smart is now activated globally within Google Display & Video 360; CAN launches ethical advertising initiative; IX Open highlights: Index Exchange covers new programmatic industry leaps in identity, speed and partner value; and Adjust secures one of Europe’s largest funding rounds in 2019, raising USD$227m (£178.5m).

IX Open highlights: Index Exchange covers new programmatic industry leaps in identity, speed and partner value

Index Exchange (IX), one of the world’s largest independent ad exchanges, recently unveiled new and powerful innovations that foster real-time, personalised connections between brands and audiences at its IX Open event series.

Headlining a range of product announcements, Index Exchange debuted its IX Library, comprised of the programmatic industry’s most powerful set of solutions for Identity and user experience on the trusted web. The company also detailed new features that enhance speed to deliver more value to both publishers and the brands that rely upon them for trusted content, bringing parity with the Walled Gardens and leveraging machine learning.

Index Exchange’s cornerstone product, the IX wrapper, was rebranded to the IX Library. The wrapper evolved from its beginnings as a revolution over the waterfall to a platform product with a robust ecosystem. In its next phase, it brings even more innovation, adaptation, and optimisation for partners.

Other key product release announcements at the event included:

  • Adaptive Timeouts: By measuring device and network conditions, the Adaptive Timeout feature leverages machine learning via an algorithm that determines a custom, intelligent timeout for each individual user on each individual page view.
  • RTI Integration with LiveIntent: IX announced its integration with LiveIntent via the RTI Framework. By adding LiveIntent’s robust identity graph driven by email, marketers gain more choice and can target key people-verified audiences tied to a validated and active email hash.
  • Matched Audiences: IX is extending the ability to support audience-based deals using people-based graphs, via its newly unveiled Matched Audiences product.

IX also previewed a variety of upcoming features:

  • Publisher Sonar: Publisher Sonar is a new extension to the IX Library which unlocks people-based advertising in a world without third party cookies.
  • Blackbird: With the introduction of Blackbird, IX is offering industry leading opt-out controls for consumers, via a simplified and persistent people-based opt out.

“IX Open is always one of our most exciting weeks of the year because we get to share new products that will undoubtedly improve the programmatic ecosystem, while helping our partners achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively,” said Andrew Casale, President and CEO of Index Exchange. “With the consumer perception of ad tech on the decline largely driven by mainstream media attention, it’s imperative we put consumer trust at the forefront of any future solutions brought to market. The features we’ve launched do exactly this, and we look forward to putting the consumer first and pioneering a more trusted ecosystem on the road ahead.”

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