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Adapter Features of the IX Library™ Ecosystem

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This year we launched the Index Exchange Library Ecosystem – an ecosystem designed to be leveraged by new and existing Adapter Partners to build or upgrade their header bidding adapters with full clarity into how the Ecosystem operates through the Code of Conduct and source code.

The launch of the IX Library™ Ecosystem has not only benefited Publishers but also streamlined and enhanced the experience of our Adapter Partners as highlighted by Optimera:

“Optimera’s inclusion in the IX Library Ecosystem has simplified our publisher on-boarding process. We’ve benefitted from the trust and confidence that IX inspires in the market.”
Carrie Molay, Chief Operating Officer, Optimera, Inc


Index Exchange has always been committed to a fair and accountable Ecosystem as can be seen in these four features we released thus far this year:


  • Service and Ticketing Desk: Streamlines real-time communication with our adapter partners including status updates and sign-offs. It also creates a central repository for all adapter-related communication.
  • The Adapter Development Suite (ADS): Empowers adapter partners to build and/or upgrade their adapter code, test the adapter and get it ready for technical review. Detailed documentation is also published in both GitHub and Knowledge Base to further strengthen the Adapter Development Suite’s capabilities.
  • IX Library Source Code: Allows easy access to our unminified IX Library source code, which is updated every quarter to ensure its relevance and accuracy.
  • Adaptive Timeout™: Utilising an adaptive machine learning algorithm, the IX Library™ calculates the optimal timeout to ensure that a maximum number of bids from all adapters are considered by the Publisher.

Take a deeper look into our newest feature, Adaptive Timeout:

What is Adaptive Timeout™

By measuring device and network conditions, the Adaptive Timeout feature leverages an adaptive machine learning algorithm that determines an optimised, intelligent timeout for each individual user on each individual page-view. This timeout is applied to all bidding adapters configured in a given IX Library™ and not only benefits the Publisher by increasing demand for every ad on each page but also benefits the Buyer by ensuring that a bid makes it into consideration as often as possible.

Adaptive Timeout has:

  • Reduced bid timeout rate: By using an adaptive, machine learning timeout rate calculated based on dynamic factors such as the user’s device type, geo, current network latency and browsing behaviour, we significantly reduce the bid time-out rate per Adapter. 
  • Improved bid participation: By reducing the number of bids timing out, the feature increases the number of bids that make its way into the publisher’s ad server, allowing for greater publisher inventory access for Adapters.
  • Increased access to publisher inventory: As more bids make their way to the publisher’s ad server, there is a higher chance of access for publisher inventory, thereby allowing for a higher chance for Adapters to reach their audience.

Since the launch of Adaptive Timeout in May 2019, we have seen the average timeout rate for all Index Exchange Bidding Adapters drop from 14.3% to 8.9%.

Our goal is to continue innovating for the betterment of the industry as a whole, supporting our publisher, buyer and adapter partners along the way. We hope these innovations continue to provide benefit to all participants in the ecosystem.

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