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Ad Tech Q&A: Consumer privacy, trust and a transparent value exchange

Technology enabling consumer privacy in order to engage in an open and transparent value exchange with users and establish greater trust

With impending changes to third-party cookies and other identifiers, there has recently been a global call-to-action for stakeholders across the digital supply chain to re-think and re-architect digital marketing to support core industry use cases, while still balancing consumer privacy and personalisation. This global collaborative initiative is being led by IAB Tech Lab and we have recently launched our full support of this project here in Australia.

Core to this project and to the success of digital marketing moving forwards is consumer privacy and the heightened emphasis on establishing genuine trust with users. The industry is now increasingly aware that there has to be a transparent value exchange online with people moving forwards and everyone must respect the end user’s privacy and the privileged access to consumer data through responsible and transparent practices.

With this in mind, we have approached a few of our board and senior council members with some questions on this topic.

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Adele Wieser, Regional Managing Director APAC, Index Exchange

How is Index Exchange approaching the topic of consumer privacy as the various changes to global regulations continue to come into play?

First and foremost, we feel it’s imperative that all data is treated in accordance with regulatory requirements and applicable privacy laws. We want to ensure that information is stored securely and used only for allowed and intended purposes.

We look at policy and regulation through the lens of the consumer. What is the right approach to consent, for today’s consumer, even beyond specific regulation? What type of product is going to create the best possible consumer experience? These are the questions we’ve been asking, and that’s what we at Index are building towards – taking the consumer, consent and trust into account and to create world-class features.

Are you confident that as an industry we can collaboratively find a solution to replacing third-party cookies over the next 18 months or so?

Absolutely. It’s why we’re so focused on building Identity solutions and facilitating that one-to-one relationship between publishers and consumers. At the end of the day, any solution built should focus on what’s best for the end-user.

We’ve been working with tech partners across the industry to bring Identity-based solutions to life for a while now. And thus far, the results have been really positive. We’re confident these solutions will only evolve to deliver a better user experience with time.

Ultimately, the shift away from third-party cookies is going to clean up our industry for the better, so long as solutions are implemented with user experience in mind, user privacy in focus, and with the intent of building trust.

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