StopPress: 2021 Ad Tech Predictions with Index Exchange’s APAC RMD, Adele Wieser

Adele Wieser sitting on a panel with microphone

StopPress asked Adele Wieser, Index Exchange Regional Managing Director, APAC, to look back on the year 2020 and share her predictions for 2021. With over 12+ years of digital experience and 8+ years in programmatic, Adele has secured a reputation as one of the top authorities on programmatic media trading in Australia and the broader APAC region. 

Before we delve into the future, let’s discuss what the biggest challenge was for the digital advertising ecosystem in 2020?

The current state of ad targeting has led to the inflation of the consumer perception of mistrust, so it’s no surprise that consumers have started to feel as though they no longer have control over their data.

Trust and transparency, in digital advertising, remains a key theme that should be table-stakes across the ecosystem, instead of a company differentiator.

It’s this need for greater transparency, that led to the challenge of 2020: the preparation of the impending demise of the third-party cookie.

The industry has been grappling with the mission of re-architecting the ecosystem since Google’s announcement earlier this year, and the future of this collaborative task-force is to build solutions that will not only replace the cookie but future-proof the success of digital advertising.

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