ExchangeWire: 2020 and Beyond: What’s Next for Display Advertising?

IX Open. Rosewood. London. 10/6/19

It’s been a year of big change for display advertising – 25 years on from the first banner ad, browsers’ restrictions on third-party cookies are shaking the foundations of display advertising. At the same time, new opportunities for advertisers are developing across connected channels such as DOOH and CTV. So where does display advertising stand in a post-cookie world where there is so much digital choice?

As ever, disruption comes hand in hand with innovation and display advertising stands to embrace the creative resurgence that digital is experiencing as the industry shifts from a focus on efficiency to effectiveness. ExchangeWire speaks to members of IAB UK’s Display and Data Steering Group to get their views on what’s next for display:

What developments are you most excited for in 2020?

“As 2019 draws to a close, we have so many amazing opportunities to look forward to in 2020. What I’m most keen to see is the evolution of digital advertising in the post-cookie era. As an industry, we have the opportunity and the privilege to move ourselves away from traditional third-party cookie tracking policies and rebuild the foundation of advertising based on a privacy and user first mandate – 2020 will be the time for us to invest in a framework of user consent to create an addressable, trusted environment in the open web.”

Sara Vincent, senior director, Strategic Partner Development, Index Exchange

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