CMO Australia: 10 Customer experience trends for 2021

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CMO asks the experts about the customer experience trends heading towards marketers and CX professionals in 2021

In 2021, brands will need to go further than ever with CX to attract and retain customers and incentivise loyalty. Coming to grips with the newly digital consumer while also finding purpose and empathy to connect with those consumers looking for authentic brands are just some of the challenges. Finding the tools to bridge offline and online will create new challenges, while rising demands for privacy willneed to be balance against the benefits of personalisation.

Indeed, the very relationship between marketing and CX teams will come into firmer focus in 2021 as brands look to innovate and create memorable, lasting connections with savvy consumers. And with customer acquisition more expensive than customer retention, loyalty will be crucial, according to Zoho chief strategy officer, Vijay Sundaram.

“With marketing budgets reduced and businesses cautious about reverting to pre-pandemic expenditure levels, customer acquisition will revolve around attracting the right long-term audience rather than random acquisition at any cost,” Sundaram said.

CMO asked a range of industry players about the customer experience trends marketers need to be know as we head towards 2021.


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